Compatible pouch/packaging types

SIRANE'S M7 Pouch-Filling Machine is versatile enough to run with many different styles of pre-made pouches, including our award-winning plastic-free Earthpouch

Earthpouch is an environmentally-friendly stand-up pouch which is plastic-free and can be recycled with the paper stream. A paper with a 100% plastic-free heat-sealable coating is formed into the pouch, providing a grease, water and moisture barrier. It's available in a range of different barrier types - including standard, barrier & high barrier. For more information, click here

It can also be adapted to run with many other Sirane bags and pouches, including our steam-cooking bags for the oven/microwave and our standard pouches (including stand-up, retort, 3-side seal, quad-seal, flat, side-gusset etc) - also see the page on accessories, for more information on pouch types.


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